The Migration of Spaces

Migration and the Fall of the Berlin Wall
An Art Project by Stefanie B?rkle

Migration is not only the movement of people; it’s also the movement of spaces. The rural and urban spaces migrants bring with them form the basis of new spaces and places, which in turn are shaped as residents of one space seek to differentiate themselves from those of another. Berlin not only contains many such “migrated” spaces; the city itself is dynamic, filled with a variety of changing environments. The speed of these movements and transformations has increased since the fall of the Berlin Wall.
How have
migrant groups perceived the dual territorial boundaries of their neighborhoods, on the one hand, and the Wall, on the other? How do these groups move in the politically unified, but spatially divided, city? The interdisciplinary art project “Migration of Spaces” sheds light on the spaces Berlin’s migrants import and produce anew. In particular, we investigate the tensions of placemaking between reconstruction, which tends to reinvent the city, and the spaces of migration, which tend to conserve the past.

“The Migration of Spaces” is run by an  interdisciplinary team of artists and social scientists working with a variety of media.

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Garden in Marzahn

Nutzgarten in Marzahn Garden in Marzahn

Entrance to the chinese wholesale market in Berlin Lichtenberg

Einfahrt zum chinesischen Gro?markt in Berlin Lichtenberg Berlin Lichtenberg

Restaurant Bagdad at Schlesischen Tor in Berlin Kreuzberg

Restaurant Bagdad am Schlesischen Tor in Berlin Kreuzberg Berlin Kreuzberg

 Parts from Loi Chao Tu Hanoi

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