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Window of the World
Ausstellungsansicht: ?Fenster zum Hof?, Neue Gesellschaft f?r Bildende Kunst (NGBK), Berlin 2004 View to Exhibition: ?Fenster zum Hof?, Neue Gesellschaft f?r Bildende Kunst (NGBK), Berlin 2004

Window of the World 1999 - 2000
The apartment buildings of Manhattan that soar toward the skies could fit into the Cologne Cathedral. It only takes several steps to get from Taj Mahal to Angkor Wat, while the Easter Islands charm us from behind New York’s  Queensborough Bridge. These are some of the sights presented by the “Window of the World” theme park in Shenzhen, China to the over 1-million people who come to visit and see the rapidly growing economic center of Guangdong. In the space of several square kilometers, one finds a model of the world on multiple scales and condensed around its architectural monuments. Chinese visitors take photos of themselves in front of the monuments, hunting down in one day the world’s most prized picture opportunities. “Window of the World” blurs the lines between the European notions of original and fake, replica and imitation.  

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